2014 Year in Review

2014 was a busy year for me. I have been more active as a writer in the last year than I have ever been before. For starters, I finally finished a complete draft of this novel I’ve been playing with for a few years now. I’ve also been sending stories out regularly and some of them have been accepted. 2014 has certainly been my most productive year to date with a total of four of my stories seeing print and three more stories lined up to come out this year.

The year kicked off with “Old Dogs New Tricks” appeared in FANG Volume 5 back in January, an adult anthology. Another adult story “The Rising of the Moon Over the Atlantic” in Taboo, came out two months later. I’ve also written a sequel to my story in Taboo, which is lined up to appear in FANG 6.

I haven’t just been writing adult stories either. This summer, while was I was hard at work finally completing that novel, I had “The Harvest Moon Ceremony” drop in ROAR Volume 5, my third appearance in ROAR. I finished the year out with “Furfur’s Violinist” in Trick or Treat Volume 2, a classic horror story on the Trick side of the anthology out in time for Halloween. I also did two writing panels back in July at Megaplex, and I’m hoping to do more writing panels this year.

I’ve got a number of projects I am going to be working for the next few months, so I plan to keep busy. I still have a novel to edit, another novella/novel to write, and I want to take some time to get back to drawing. My next convention appearance will be at FWA, and I’ve put in a request to do some writing panels at the con that that I hope gets accepted.

So lift your coffee mug is to 2015, which I hopes turns into another year of drinking coffee and doing creative things!