New Story Out, Upcoming Dystopian Anthology, and Ursa Majors

I don’t stay put for long it seems. Early in January the “Seven Deadly Sins: Furry Confessions” anthology from Thurston Howl Press was released, and I have a story in this book under pride. My contribution for the book, “The Music on the Street”, follows a homeless street drummer with a hidden past. You can get the book over on Amazon right now.

Also, in a big change for me, I and Slip Wolf will be editing an anthology that is open for submissions right now. I have long wanted to do a dystopian themed anthology, but recent events have pushed me to pursue it now. The book is open to submissions until May 1st, 2017. We’re hoping to see a good selection of pieces in the slush pile, so if you are interested, I have the call for submissions up on the Furry Writers Guild forum.

Finally, 2016 was a good year with me getting four stories out. The pieces are:

“Yesterday’s Trickster” in Gods with Fur
“Splatters” in Fang 7
“The Road to Midnight” also in FANG 7
“A Moment of Darkness” in Knotted

This is a good year for me, and I’m quite happy with that I was able to get so much work out. Well now that 2016 is done, the Ursa Majors are taking nominations. I was shocked to find out “A Moment of Darkness” made it onto the Ursa Major Recommending List for 2016. This is awesome new and I”m glad it resonated so well with readers. Even more surprising, it’s one of only three erotic stories that made the recommending list.

Now works on the recommended list are not automatically nominated for the award, but if you enjoyed the story and want to nominate it, I would be honored to see it up for considering in the short fiction category. Also, if you enjoyed one of the other stories I got published last year and want to nominate that instead, I would be honored. Nominations are open until the end of February.

On a final note, FWA is coming up soon and I’ll be there doing panels. More on that closer to the con though. Take care now, and wag hard.