Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017

Hey everyone! I’ll be at FWA again this year. They put me on 5 panels and I’m joining Searska on her character’s panel. The only one I’m doing by myself this year is my Sunday culture and history panel, so these will be a lot of fun. My schedule for the con is:


  • Hidden Treasures: Fur Fiction — Panels III (A706) — 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
  • Character Generation: How to Write Believable Characters — Panels V (A708) — 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Editing your Furry Fiction — Panels V (A708) — 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Boss Fight: Getting Published — Panels V (A708) — 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM


  • Erotic Writing — AD Panels II (M106) — 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM


  • Civilization: Culture and History broadens Worlds — Panels V (A708) — 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Also, my boyfriend will be running his dealer’s table Rysingson Accessories during the day, so I will be by there at various points during the con. He’s got a lot of new stuff for FWA, so if you are at FWA, stop by the table to say hi. Also, come learn more about furry writing and how to to improve at the writing track panels. JelliQal has put together a great writing track for everyone this year.