Podcast Round Up and New Story Online

I’ve been on a few podcasts lately talking about writing I wanted to share. These are all group events, so I’m just a panelist. While it’s a lot of material, I think they’re worth giving a listen to if you have the time. They also have a number of other talented writers in the fandom on these.

Ocean recorded two podcasts at the RAWR Year 2 retreat for Fangs And Fonts. The first installment was recording the night before the event after we arrived. The second installment is a follow up we recorded after we finished all our critiques. Both podcast give you a good rundown of what RAWR is like. The other podcast I appear on was a podcast recorded for Independent Claws after Anthrocon title “Excrement Writers Articulate” where a bunch of writers talk shop post con Sunday night.

I’ve also posted “The Road to Midnight” one of the two stories of mine that appeared last year in FANG Volume 7 and is offered here with art provided by the wonderfully talented Simul. This is an erotic story, so please be an adult if you want to read it. The piece has become strangely relevant recently since it’s set in the nuclear age and I wanted to share it.