Dissident Signals Releasing at Anthrocon

Anthrocon is this weekend and I am happy to announce the dystopia anthology I have been working on, Dissident Signals, will be releasing at the con! This project with Slip Wolf has been a long, challenging, but rewarding project. It’s awesome that is also has finally reached completion and in a few days it will be in people’s hands. We have fifteen amazing stories in this thing by very talented writers. Slip wrote the overall narrative and I have a story in this, but it is really the writers who are making this thing shine. It’s available from FurPlanet now.

To help support the book, we’ll be doing a reading at the con, Saturday July 7th at 4pm, from four authors who will be there. Slip and I will introduce the book, and then TJ Minde, Mog Moogle, Thurston Howl, and Joseph Vandehey will read excerpts from their pieces. T.D. Coltraine will also be in attendance, but didn’t want to read.

Besides the reading, my Anthrocon is going to pretty relaxing. I am doing one other panel at the con, Historical Fiction, Sunday at 11:30 AM. This should be fun since the awesome Tempe O’Kun is also on the panel along with Jaden Drackus, a newer but raising star of furry writing. If you are at the con, definitely come to the panels and pick up a copy of Dissident Signals. I’ll be happy to sign it, if you want.

I also have a story that came out a few weeks ago in BREEDS: Wolves by Thurston Howl Press called Unsatisfied. It’s a sequel to my story that appeared in Knotted, and revisits the two protagonists from that piece. I’m really proud of this story, so if your looking for something steamy, check it out.