Anthrocon 2019 & The Desert’s Edge

It’s Anthrocon time again, and I’m here. I’m doing panels this year, but it’s not the panels I’m most excited about. The prequel story for the novel I’ve been working on is going to be in Fang 9, which is coming out at the con. I’m super excited that “Silk and Sword” is being published, since it’s the origin story for one of my novels’ two protagonists. It’s not written to be essential reading, but it’s the first piece of the journey. The Khalin universe is a creation I’ve been working on for nine years. It’s good to finally start getting it out there so people can read about it.

Now if you want to see me at panels, I’m doing a couple this year at the con. You can find me talking with other writers at:

Friday July 5th

  • 6:00 PM — Writing Foundations: Advanced
  • 10:00 PM — After Dark: General Adult Writing

Saturday, July 6th

  • 10:00 PM — After Dark: Dark and Difficult Topics

Sunday, July 7th

  • 11:00 AM — Magic, Myths, and Monsters: Writing Fantasy

See you at Anthrocon!