Two New Stories Coming Out at MFF 2019

Hey everyone, MFF 2019 is coming up fast, and I’ll be attending. I’m really excited to be going to the con this year because I have two new stories coming out in anthologies. The first is “Mile High” in Heat #16. Heat is an amazing book and one I’m happy to be appearing in it again. Sadly this will be the last issue of Heat, but I’m happy to kick the book off with an opening story that I think you guys will enjoy.

The second story I have is called “Unknown Stains” in FANG Volume 10, and this is a story about the open road in the American West. If you read “Loosening Up,” this is the piece that comes after it. I wrote the first draft for this back in 2017 at RAWR, so I’m glad I finally was able to got back to it and clean it up.

I’ll also be doing some panels at this con. The last con I attended, Megaplex, I took a break from doing panels, so it will be nice to get back to doing them.  The panels I will be on are:

Friday, December 6

  • 3:00pm — What It Takes to Write: Process, Discipline, and Lifestyle
  • 9:00pm — Erotica: Basic Adult Writing (18+ ONLY)

Saturday, December 7

  •  4:30pm — Scene and Story Structure (with GoH Mary E. Lowd)

Sunday, December 8

  • 11:30am -— Westerns and Historical Fiction

Anyway, that’s all the news I have for you guys right now. If you’re at MFF, pick up the books, and I’ll be happy to sign them if I’m around. See you in Chicago.