March 2022 Recap

Since it was so busy in March, I figured I should do a little recap. Doing two cons almost back-to-back was more tiring than I expected, but it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed talking to people about my writing and getting to do some writing panels. Selling at a con can be challenging, but I look forward to running a table again soon. When I got back from TFF, I was interviewed by the FWG News podcast, and it’s in the March 2022 edition. One of the things I talk about in the interview is what selling at a con is like as a self-published author.

April will primarily entail me working on my next book, a vampire novella. I’ve had the outline for this book sitting, waiting for me for almost a year now. I plan to knock the first draft before I start outlining the sequel to Scars of the Golden Dancer. I need a break from the setting of Scars, so this is the perfect project for me. I’m enjoying the change of pace.

My next con is going to be FWA in May.