Back From MFF 2022

I didn’t get a post a journal about MFF before I went, but I was there this past weekend selling books. This is the first time I ran a table at that con, and it went really well. Sales were robust, and I sold out of some stuff while I was there. In addition to my books, I got to carry the new When the World Was Young anthology that debuted at the con. I’m not going to be selling the online since I’m not the publisher for the book, but I plan to carry it at cons going forward. Since I helped spawn this book, I hope it does well.

For the rest of 2022, I’ll be working on new projects for 2023. I’ve got two projects I’m hoping to get out next year. The first one should be out in March, and I’m hard at work trying to make it happen. I’ll give you some more details when I know more.