Scars of the Golden Dancer Won a Cóyotl Award!

The 2022 Cóyotl Awards were announced yesterday, and Scars of the Golden Dancer won! I am deeply honored that the members of the Furry Writers Guild voted for it as best novel of 2022. It means a lot to me, and I’m thrilled that Zayn and Naji’s story has entertained so many people. I had been talking more about the Ursa Major Award nomination on social media, but the book also was nominated for a Cóyotl Award and a Leo Literary Award. It came in second place in the Ursa Major Awards in the novel category, and I’ll find out later this week if it passed the judging criteria for the Leos.

Not only did the Scars win a Cóyotl, but the co-operative anthology I was been involved with produced by the Furry Historical Fiction Society, When the World Was Young, won two Cóyotl Awards! We won best anthology, and the story “Lids” by Utunu won best short story.

I appreciate the support everyone has given me for the Ursas and Cóyotls with your votes, and I hope to keep making you proud with new