Gnoll Tales is Releasing at Anthrocon

My new book, Gnoll Tales, will, be released at Anthrocon. This is a collection of twelve myths and folktales about gnolls. I’ve been working on this project for about three years, and the writing is slightly different from what I’ve done with my previous two books. First, this is a completely PG-13 book, and it is a shorter book than my previous books. Also, while these are all short stories, they relate to each other, and some characters reappear in different stories. All of these are narrated by Ingot Riverstone, a gnoll druid I got to play in D&D game. It’s available for pre-order in the United States right now.

I’ll be doing a reading from Gnoll Tales on Friday at 8 PM during Anthrocon. I’ll also be doing a panel about self-publishing at 3 PM earlier in the day, where I’ll talk about the process of releasing your own books. Beyond that, I’ll be selling books in the dealer’s den at my table. If you’re at the con, come by the Dancing Jackal Books table and say hi, and don’t forget to come to one of my panels.

I’ll see you in Pittsburgh for Anthrocon 2023.