Megaplex 2023

I’ll be at Megaplex this weekend. I didn’t get a dealer’s table this year for Megaplex, but I’ll be in artist alley Friday and Sunday. My books will also be at the Rysingson Accessories booth in the dealer’s den, so you’ll be able to pick up Scars of the Golden Dancer and my latest book, Gnoll Tales, all weekend.

I’ll be doing two panels at the con on Saturday, September 16, in the afternoon. The first, at 3 PM is Writing Furry Fiction, and the second, at 6:30 PM is Improving Your Fiction.

If you’re at the con, please stop and say hello.

A Few Musings on Generative AI

The rise of generative AI has really gotten to me as a writer, because it amplifies a few things. First, people just aren’t important to companies and the race to replace people with AI shows we aren’t valuable to them. I never thought I was going to be a mainstream writer, but the fact the output of machines could soon dominate the mainstream media field hits home the fact I’m never going to make it big in the mainstream.

The second is, I sometimes wonder why should I bother? AI always will always be faster and more grammatically accurate than I am. It’s not that I don’t have stories to tell, but in a marketplace crowded by AI, how do stand out? How do I get noticed?

The answer to that is community of course, but reflecting on that point, I’m always going to be talking to a small community of people. While I plan to keep writing, I do wonder what this feeling of hopelessness to compete with the machine does to a person. It can’t be good, especially for writers and artists starting out.

Maybe we’re all John Henry at this point trying to beat the steam drill. And when you’re fighting every day to just keep up, that makes it hard to thrive. I refuse to use generative AI in my writing. The moment I bring AI into that process, the work stops being my own, and I’m back to that why should I bother question. I’ve always needed to think through my work before I share it with other people. So, if I’m going to let AI do the thinking and the writing, there is no place for me in the process.

This originally appeared on my Patreon.

Gnoll Tales is Releasing at Anthrocon

My new book, Gnoll Tales, will, be released at Anthrocon. This is a collection of twelve myths and folktales about gnolls. I’ve been working on this project for about three years, and the writing is slightly different from what I’ve done with my previous two books. First, this is a completely PG-13 book, and it is a shorter book than my previous books. Also, while these are all short stories, they relate to each other, and some characters reappear in different stories. All of these are narrated by Ingot Riverstone, a gnoll druid I got to play in D&D game. It’s available for pre-order in the United States right now.

I’ll be doing a reading from Gnoll Tales on Friday at 8 PM during Anthrocon. I’ll also be doing a panel about self-publishing at 3 PM earlier in the day, where I’ll talk about the process of releasing your own books. Beyond that, I’ll be selling books in the dealer’s den at my table. If you’re at the con, come by the Dancing Jackal Books table and say hi, and don’t forget to come to one of my panels.

I’ll see you in Pittsburgh for Anthrocon 2023.

Scars of the Golden Dancer Wins a Leo Literary Award

Scars of the Golden Dancer picked up another award today. It was one of the recipients of a Leo Literary Award in the novel category. The Leos are a little different since works are judged, and the judges decide which works in a category are worthy of being honored.

I’m very excited to see the book has picked up another award. To celebrate, I’m doing a 20% off sale in my store through Saturday.

Scars of the Golden Dancer Won a Cóyotl Award!

The 2022 Cóyotl Awards were announced yesterday, and Scars of the Golden Dancer won! I am deeply honored that the members of the Furry Writers Guild voted for it as best novel of 2022. It means a lot to me, and I’m thrilled that Zayn and Naji’s story has entertained so many people. I had been talking more about the Ursa Major Award nomination on social media, but the book also was nominated for a Cóyotl Award and a Leo Literary Award. It came in second place in the Ursa Major Awards in the novel category, and I’ll find out later this week if it passed the judging criteria for the Leos.

Not only did the Scars win a Cóyotl, but the co-operative anthology I was been involved with produced by the Furry Historical Fiction Society, When the World Was Young, won two Cóyotl Awards! We won best anthology, and the story “Lids” by Utunu won best short story.

I appreciate the support everyone has given me for the Ursas and Cóyotls with your votes, and I hope to keep making you proud with new