New Story Out, Upcoming Dystopian Anthology, and Ursa Majors

I don’t stay put for long it seems. Early in January the “Seven Deadly Sins: Furry Confessions” anthology from Thurston Howl Press was released, and I have a story in this book under pride. My contribution for the book, “The Music on the Street”, follows a homeless street drummer with a hidden past. You can get the book over on Amazon right now.

Also, in a big change for me, I and Slip Wolf will be editing an anthology that is open for submissions right now. I have long wanted to do a dystopian themed anthology, but recent events have pushed me to pursue it now. The book is open to submissions until May 1st, 2017. We’re hoping to see a good selection of pieces in the slush pile, so if you are interested, I have the call for submissions up on the Furry Writers Guild forum.

Finally, 2016 was a good year with me getting four stories out. The pieces are:

“Yesterday’s Trickster” in Gods with Fur
“Splatters” in Fang 7
“The Road to Midnight” also in FANG 7
“A Moment of Darkness” in Knotted

This is a good year for me, and I’m quite happy with that I was able to get so much work out. Well now that 2016 is done, the Ursa Majors are taking nominations. I was shocked to find out “A Moment of Darkness” made it onto the Ursa Major Recommending List for 2016. This is awesome new and I”m glad it resonated so well with readers. Even more surprising, it’s one of only three erotic stories that made the recommending list.

Now works on the recommended list are not automatically nominated for the award, but if you enjoyed the story and want to nominate it, I would be honored to see it up for considering in the short fiction category. Also, if you enjoyed one of the other stories I got published last year and want to nominate that instead, I would be honored. Nominations are open until the end of February.

On a final note, FWA is coming up soon and I’ll be there doing panels. More on that closer to the con though. Take care now, and wag hard.

Anthrocon 2016 and Four New Stories

Anthrocon is right around the corner and it’s time for an update. I have four stories coming out. I have one story, “Yesterday’s Trickster,” that will be in Gods with Fur. I have two stories in FANG 7, “Splatters” and “The Road to Midnight”. I know Gods with Fur and FANG 7 will be out at AC. I’ll be at the con doing panels, so if you want me to sign anything, come to one of my panels.

Finally, I have a story coming out this July in Knotted from Weasel Press, “A Moment of Darkness,” that is available for pre-order.

Who’s ready for FWA?

FWA is almost here again! Where will be? At the con of course. This year, I’ll also be hosting three writing panels. They are.

  • How to Get Published – Saturday at 8pm
  • Erotic Storytelling (FWA After Dark) – Saturday at 11pm
  • Building Interesting Worlds – Sunday at noon

Each of the panels last an hour. I also plan to attend some of the other writing track panels while I’m at the con. When not talking writing, I’ll probably be either in the board game room, or the Dealer’s Den helping Rysingson Accessories, my boyfriends business. You can find out more about him and the jewelry and accessories he’ll have at the con over at @rysingson.

Traveling Lupine at RF

It’s been a few months since I’ve updated, so I figured it should give an update. I traveled a lot this year including going to Maine, Las Vegas and Orlando for Megaplex. Not only that, I’ll be at RF this weekend. I also had a good time at Anthrocon and got to do some panel. I also got to participate on the Fangs and Fonts panel at AC, so if you want to listen to that, you can find it here.

For a change, I won’t be doing panels at Rainfurrest this year, so you’ll find me floating around the con. This will be my first time in Seattle, so I’m excited to see finally get to see a little of the Pacific Northwest. While at the con, I be checking out the writing panels, and hopefully getting in some board gaming in.

On the writing front, I’ve been started editing the novel I wrote last year. I’m really excited about this project, but I can’t give out details yet. I’ve dreamed of finally getting a novel done for a while, so it’s good to be back working on this long term goal..

Anthrocon 2015 and New Stories

It’s that time of year again where the forces of furry converge in one place, Pittsburgh, and like in past years, I will be t Anthrocon this year. Not only that, I even have two new stories coming out in anthologies that will be debuing at the con, FANG 6 and Heat 12. If you haven’t seen the samples I’ve posted for those, check them out. I’m also a panelist on AC’s writing track this year, so if you want to see me talk shop, swing on by the writing panels room. There are some very talented people like Rikoshi, Slip Wolf, and Ocean this year doing panels

In addition, I’ve uploaded my story that appeared in last year’s Taboo Anthology, The Rising of the Moon Over the Atlantic. This story is set before my story in FANG and gives you more seat time with these characters. All three of these stories are also of the NSFW kind, so for those of you into this type of writing, I hope you enjoy.

On a different front, I’ve been working on a Viking setting that has a strong magical element. We’ll see what comes from it, but it should contain at least one novel and a few short stories. For Camp NaNoWriMo this month I’m trying to sort out some issues and get some works down. I have a lot to still do with this, but I’m hoping the novel at some point reaches a state I can get it out there for you guys.

FWA 2015 – Writing Panels and Jewelry

Hey fuzzies. FWA will be this weekend, and I’ll be there. Not only that, I’ll be on four writing panels at FWA. I’ll be doing three of my four panels with Rechan. FuzzWolf commented that there were not enough writing panels at FWA, but this year there should be a good selection.

The panels I’ll be on are:

Friday, April 10th

  • How to Get Published – 5:00 pm (Panels Room 2)
  • Short Story Writing – 7:00 pm (Panels Room 3)
  • FWA After Dark Writing Panel – 11:00 pm (Panels Room 3)

Saturday, April 11th

  • World Culture and History in Furry Writing – 7:00 pm (Panels Room 3)

Othello, my boyfriend, will also be selling at FWA in the dealers den as Rysingson Jewelry so you might catch me at his table helping out at points. He’s a veteran jewelry maker, but this will be the first FWA. Othello will be selling necklaces, earrings, and collars with a decided furry bent, so don’t forget to stop by. With all of this activity, I’m very excited for this FWA. If I run into you, say hi.

Also, since I never mentioned it on here, I had a story that came out in January in the Furry Future anthology. If you are into Sci-Fi, check it out.

2014 Year in Review

2014 was a busy year for me. I have been more active as a writer in the last year than I have ever been before. For starters, I finally finished a complete draft of this novel I’ve been playing with for a few years now. I’ve also been sending stories out regularly and some of them have been accepted. 2014 has certainly been my most productive year to date with a total of four of my stories seeing print and three more stories lined up to come out this year.

The year kicked off with “Old Dogs New Tricks” appeared in FANG Volume 5 back in January, an adult anthology. Another adult story “The Rising of the Moon Over the Atlantic” in Taboo, came out two months later. I’ve also written a sequel to my story in Taboo, which is lined up to appear in FANG 6.

I haven’t just been writing adult stories either. This summer, while was I was hard at work finally completing that novel, I had “The Harvest Moon Ceremony” drop in ROAR Volume 5, my third appearance in ROAR. I finished the year out with “Furfur’s Violinist” in Trick or Treat Volume 2, a classic horror story on the Trick side of the anthology out in time for Halloween. I also did two writing panels back in July at Megaplex, and I’m hoping to do more writing panels this year.

I’ve got a number of projects I am going to be working for the next few months, so I plan to keep busy. I still have a novel to edit, another novella/novel to write, and I want to take some time to get back to drawing. My next convention appearance will be at FWA, and I’ve put in a request to do some writing panels at the con that that I hope gets accepted.

So lift your coffee mug is to 2015, which I hopes turns into another year of drinking coffee and doing creative things!