Two Fur Cons in Two Weeks

I’ll be attending Texas Furry Fiesta and Fur the More in the next two weeks. This is the first time I’ve done two cons so closely together, but things have worked out this way. I’m doing two panels a Furry Fiesta, but I won’t be doing any panels at Fur the More.

For Furry Fiesta, you’ll be able to see me Friday, February 28th, at 3:30 PM at the World Building panels and Sunday, March 1st, at 11 AM on the How to Write Fantasy panel. The rest of the con I’ll be floating around the dealer’s den near Rysingson Accessories helping out my boyfriend with his table at different parts of the day. For Fur the More, I’ll be at the table some and bouncing around the con taking it easy.

2020 is definitely shaping up to be a busy year.

Keeping the Momentum Going

It’s tough sometimes to keep the momentum going. I do tend to keep busy, but there are periods that I don’t have new stuff to talk about. The Patreon has been good for keeping me busy, and I’ve happy it’s pushed me to do me some shorter stories. Not everything I’m going to write for it is going to get released publicly, but two stories from my Patreon have made it to FA and SoFurry, “Loving You is Wrong” and “Loosening Up.” One good thing about Patreon is it has forced me to work more regularly.

Short story wise, I did write over 6,000 words last month split across three different projects. Since I started the Patreon, my stories have gotten a little shorter. Part of that is I’m putting out a piece of work each month now, and I can’t always do the level of detail I did in the past. That said, I’m proud of myself I’ve been able to keep it going. I’ve used some existing material like novel chapters, but I’m also proud tof myself hat last month’s story clocked in at over 2,500 words and included a research component. I had in my head the stories for Patreon would be a minimum of 1,000, but I’ve been able to exceed that. I didn’t know when I got started last May if this was something I could do and do regularly, but I knew if I didn’t challenge myself with a monthly goal, I wouldn’t be able to keep at it. Only once have I had to run a previously published story. I’ve also been able to keep a monthly blog post going also.

The novel also is currently in a holding pattern. The publisher I sent it to passed on the book, so I sent it so some beta readers. I’m waiting on them to get back to me so I can see what the next step for the book is. I’m optimistic I’ll have more to share about the novel in the next few months, but until then, there isn’t much more I can say. I do need to start planning for book two.

Writing is a process. Creating stories takes time. I don’t always have a lot to share, but I’m still at this. I’m still pushing ahead, even if there isn’t a lot that I can share.


Two New Stories Coming Out at MFF 2019

Hey everyone, MFF 2019 is coming up fast, and I’ll be attending. I’m really excited to be going to the con this year because I have two new stories coming out in anthologies. The first is “Mile High” in Heat #16. Heat is an amazing book and one I’m happy to be appearing in it again. Sadly this will be the last issue of Heat, but I’m happy to kick the book off with an opening story that I think you guys will enjoy.

The second story I have is called “Unknown Stains” in FANG Volume 10, and this is a story about the open road in the American West. If you read “Loosening Up,” this is the piece that comes after it. I wrote the first draft for this back in 2017 at RAWR, so I’m glad I finally was able to got back to it and clean it up.

I’ll also be doing some panels at this con. The last con I attended, Megaplex, I took a break from doing panels, so it will be nice to get back to doing them.  The panels I will be on are:

Friday, December 6

  • 3:00pm — What It Takes to Write: Process, Discipline, and Lifestyle
  • 9:00pm — Erotica: Basic Adult Writing (18+ ONLY)

Saturday, December 7

  •  4:30pm — Scene and Story Structure (with GoH Mary E. Lowd)

Sunday, December 8

  • 11:30am -— Westerns and Historical Fiction

Anyway, that’s all the news I have for you guys right now. If you’re at MFF, pick up the books, and I’ll be happy to sign them if I’m around. See you in Chicago.

Catching Up

I want to let everyone know what’s been going on the last few months. If you don’t follow me on Twitter or check out my Patreon, I may not seem very active, but I have been busy these last couple months.

For starters, I finished the major edits I have been working on with my novel, Scars of the Golden Dancer, and gone over all the feedback I received from my beta-reader, Slip Wolf. I’ve now handed the manuscript off to a publisher to see if they’d be interested in picking it up.

The Patreon has also been going well, and some new stuff has come out of it. I’m still finding what the right mix of stuff to put on in it is, but patrons get a new story each month, plus bonus content related to my writing and how I write. One of those stories went up on FA and SoFurry two months after appearing on Patreon and did quite well, so I’m hoping to keep working at the Patreon. I also posted some sneak peek information about the novel, including the first two chapters, on the Patreon.

Finally, I will be at Midwest FurFest next month and doing panels. I should have a story coming out in an anthology at the con. I’ll provide updates about the story once I get the details on the release.

Anthrocon 2019 & The Desert’s Edge

It’s Anthrocon time again, and I’m here. I’m doing panels this year, but it’s not the panels I’m most excited about. The prequel story for the novel I’ve been working on is going to be in Fang 9, which is coming out at the con. I’m super excited that “Silk and Sword” is being published, since it’s the origin story for one of my novels’ two protagonists. It’s not written to be essential reading, but it’s the first piece of the journey. The Khalin universe is a creation I’ve been working on for nine years. It’s good to finally start getting it out there so people can read about it.

Now if you want to see me at panels, I’m doing a couple this year at the con. You can find me talking with other writers at:

Friday July 5th

  • 6:00 PM — Writing Foundations: Advanced
  • 10:00 PM — After Dark: General Adult Writing

Saturday, July 6th

  • 10:00 PM — After Dark: Dark and Difficult Topics

Sunday, July 7th

  • 11:00 AM — Magic, Myths, and Monsters: Writing Fantasy

See you at Anthrocon!