Furry Weekend Atlanta 2018

I’ll be attending Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA) this weekend. FWA was the first con I ever got to attend, so it’s been existing to watch how it’s grown from a small event out by the airport to being a much bigger con. The changes have really been existing to see.

FWA continues to develop a better writing track at the hands of JelliQal. As part of that, I’m doing some panels at the con.

Friday, April 6th

  • Out of this World Fur Fiction, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
  • World Building in Furry Literature,12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Saturday, April 7th

  • Traditional Publishing, 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Adult Writing, 10:30 PM – 11:30 PM

Sunday, April 8th

  • Improving your Fiction, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

All writing panels will be in Panels Dock 7. I hope to see you in Atlanta.

TFF 2018 And a Story Reprint

Hey, it’s con time again, and I’ll be at TFF this weekend for the first time ever. As part of that, I’ll be doing some writing panels.

  • Fantasy Story Writing – Friday, February 9 • 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Scene & World Building – Friday, February 9 • 7:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Writing 201 – Saturday, February 10 • 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Publisher Q&A – Sunday, February 11 • 1:00pm – 2:00pm

I’m really looking forward to this trip as I’ve never been to Texas before. Dystopia editing has been humming along, so it’s a nice break. Also, I’m happy to announce, I’ve got a reprint that came out last month. “The Harvest Moon Ceremony” is out again in SPECIES: Foxes by Thurston Howl Publications.

Dogs of War 2 and Midwest FurFest 2017

I’m excited to announce that my fifth story of the year will be released this weekend at Midwest FurFest. Not only that, I’m attending the con this year! This piece, “The Son of Goulon Stumptail,” will be appearing at in Dogs of War Volume 2: Aftermath, and is the first story set in a much larger world I’ve been working on. The book will be available at the con and can also be pre-ordered online with FurPlanet.

Not only will I be at the con, I’ll be doing some panels. Friday I’ll be on the Writing 101 panel at 11:30am, and the Scene and Story Structure panel at 6:30pm. Immediately after the second panel there will be the RAWR panel, and they’ve asked me to sit on that share my experiences. Finally, on Saturday I’ll be on the Editing and Revising panel at 4:00pm. The rest of the time, I’ll be hanging around and helping out with the Rysingson Accessories table. I’m looking forward to this quick getaway, so if you are in Chicago, I’ll see you there!

Podcast Round Up and New Story Online

I’ve been on a few podcasts lately talking about writing I wanted to share. These are all group events, so I’m just a panelist. While it’s a lot of material, I think they’re worth giving a listen to if you have the time. They also have a number of other talented writers in the fandom on these.

Ocean recorded two podcasts at the RAWR Year 2 retreat for Fangs And Fonts. The first installment was recording the night before the event after we arrived. The second installment is a follow up we recorded after we finished all our critiques. Both podcast give you a good rundown of what RAWR is like. The other podcast I appear on was a podcast recorded for Independent Claws after Anthrocon title “Excrement Writers Articulate” where a bunch of writers talk shop post con Sunday night.

I’ve also posted “The Road to Midnight” one of the two stories of mine that appeared last year in FANG Volume 7 and is offered here with art provided by the wonderfully talented Simul. This is an erotic story, so please be an adult if you want to read it. The piece has become strangely relevant recently since it’s set in the nuclear age and I wanted to share it.

Mageplex 2017

I’ll be attending Megaplex this weekend. For this con, I’m only be doing two panels. The first is Erotic Storytelling Friday night at 10:00 pm in Panel 4. The second is Improving Your Fiction Sunday at 1:00 pm in Panel 3. Besides that, I’ll just be around the con. Megaplex is more of a relaxing con for me, so this is going to be a much-needed break.

Anyway, see you in Orlando!

Dystopian Anthology Selection Process

It’s been a little over two weeks since I got back from Anthrocon, and as usual I had a blast at the con. The writing panels I was on were great, the other panels I got to see were great, and there were lots of writers I know I got to see. All in all, it was a really successful con. Also, while there, besides buying more books to read, I got to see my co-editor for this Dystopian Anthology, Slip Wolf, and we made final decisions on stories. Now that we’ve notified everyone, I’d like to do a small wrap up about the book.

For this anthology, we got a total of 47 submissions from 43 different authors for a total of 338,650 words. We had some really good stuff in here, and I’m impressed with the diversity of work we got. Some of the stories had some really unique takes on the theme that explore a number of different issues. We ended up taking 16 stories for a total of 106,321 words.

To help with the process, we got Thurston Howl to slush with us, and he provided some great suggestions. Out of this, I think we selected a good group of stories. They cover various themes and settings, some being fantastical while others are more realistic. Together I think all the stories are going to make a good anthology. Editing is of course the next step, and we’re going to be working on the book for the rest of the year. While I’ll be doing some writing during the process, my focus is going to be getting this ready to print.

I’ll update more about the book once Slip and I are further along. I can’t wait to share all these amazing stories with you guys.

Anthrocon 2017 and Fang 8

Anthrocon is later this week, and I am excited to be attending the con again. I’m also helping out with the writing track again. This year I’m on four panels, three of which focus on helping aspiring writers hone their craft. The fourth panel is the infamous “Readings in Terrible Fiction” panel that with its audience participation component. This one happens late at night and has started to gain a Rocky Horror like theme to, so if you need something to do late Saturday night at the con, swing on by. My panels for AC this year are:

  • Friday, 10pm – Writing After Dark: Adult Content
  • Saturday 11:30am – Historical Fiction
  • Saturday, 11:59pm – Readings in Terrible Fiction aka ‘Can You Read It?’
  • Sunday 10:00am – Fantasy

I’m also happy to announce that Fang 8 will be debuting at the con, and this volume has two of my stories in it. The theme for this issue is paradise, and I have two very different visions of that in that. My first story in the book deals with metal bands and early adulthood while the second piece is set in a dystopian worker’s paradise. If you are looking for some great adult stories focused on gay relationships, check the book out.

While not on panels or talking to writers, I’ll be down at the Rysingson Accessories‘ booth in the dealer’s den helping the boyfriend out. Also, my dystopian anthology co-editor Slip Wolf will be at the con, and we’ll be making final story selections in person. Acceptance and rejection letters will go out Anthrocon. See you in Pittsburgh!